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Lapak ini dibuat agar setiap orang yang ingin bertransaksi dengan RYAN LEUNG, KEN LEE, ZENITH CHUNG HARUS WASPADA, LEBIH BAIK TIDAK USAH KERJA SAMA DENGAN MEREKA. Sampai saat ini saya menunggu itikad baik dari RYAN LEUNG, KEN LEE, ZENITH CHUNG  ADD2TROLLEY  untuk mengembalikan uang saya. PENIPUAN RYAN LEUNG DI ADD2TROLLEY   Saya memutuskan untuk membeli 2 unit handphone merk silent circle tipe blackphone 2 di add2trolley karena mereka toko resmi dan memberikan garansi tukar baru dalam waktu 7 hari jika cacat produksi dan 1 tahun jika ada kerusakan, ternyata sebelum 1 tahun hp yang  saya klaim garansi itu rusak dan pada saat saya klaim garansi, Ryan Leung menjanjikan diganti baru atau uang saya dikembalikan. Tapi ternyata Ryan Leung berbohong dan lepas tangan masalah ini. Dengan alasan sudah tidak bekerja lagi di ADD2TROLLEY, sedangkan selama ini saya melakukan komunikasi dengan dia pada saat transaksi klaim garansi. Saya melakukan pembelian di https://www.toped/add2trolley BERIKUT DATA PIHAK ADD2TROLEY YG TERLIBAT = Zenith Chung Business Development Manager D: -4173 T: -9490 E: ADD2TROLLEY LIMITED RM D8, 5/F, King Yip Factory Building, No.59 King Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong Ryan Leung Business Development Manager D: -1255 T: -9490 E: ADD2TROLLEY LIMITED RM 5D08, 5/F, King Yip Factory Building, No.59 King Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong jojo <> Kronologis kejadiannya --- TANGGAL 10 October 2016 --- Pembelian hp Silent Circle Blackphone 2 sebanyak 2 unit sebesar Rp. 20.836.000 di toko add2trolley dengan nomor invoice INV//XVI/X/ Tiba di sidoarjo tanggal016. Dari 2 unit hp blackphone 2. Ada 1 unit yang bermasalah di lcd, mungkin cacat pabrik. Pihak add2trolley memberikan waktu 7 hari untuk PENGGANTI UNIT BARU JIKA CACAT PRODUKSI Yang saya mau tanyakan unit tersebut harus saya kirim kemana? Imeinya:. Serial Number: HLDAX013559A06313. Untuk Nota Pembelian dan Foto Unit sy sertakan. Terima kasih. --- TANGGAL 21 October 2016 --- Ryan leung memberikan alamat pengiriman untuk klaim garansi Dear Deddy, I have gone through the video just now, you are correct. But it's strange usually it won't be a whole row that has problem but one or two pixel, so it's best for you send to my colleague in Indonesia to check what's the issue. Once we confirm, we will fix it or send a new one to replace it for you if it's not fixable, all costs will be covered so no need to worry. It's just one of the phones, correct? ------------- Address: Jojo - Add2Trolley Jl. A Yani Kav 49, Green Pramuka Pino Tower, Unit MB, Jakarta 10570. ------------- As again, we are deeply sorry for causing this incident. We will solve it ASAP. Dear Ryan. Currently troubled only 1 unit only. I will do delivery via JNE expedition to this address: Jojo - Add2TrolleyJl. A Yani Kav 49, Hijau Pramuka Pino Tower, Satuan MB, Jakarta 10570. --- TANGGAL 11 November 2016 --- EMAIL FROM RYAN = Here's the new phone, we have checked the phone before we send it, and it works perfectly. Here's the item before we've opened it to make sure for you it's brand new. Please refer to attachment. New tracking : IDY331226 --- TANGGAL 27 Febuari 2017 --- HANDPHONE YANG KATANYA RYAN BARU TERNYATA RUSAK PADA TOUCHSCREEN DAN SAYA KIRIM KEMBALI. Dear Ryan, Indeed, at the time of first purchase there is defective if there is a bluish color LCD screen and returns me to the replacement unit for up to 7 days yet. Mobile Blackphone 2 defective recently replaced up to me on 29 november, 2016. I've check the cell phone is not problematic. But now my customer complained that the touch screen does not work. Add2trolley corresponding warranty card from that phone blackphone 2 1-year warranty. At this point I would like to be assisted warranty claims blackphone 2 screennya touch screen does not work. Mobile Blackphone 2 was already my second expedition sent via JNE YES. I attach proof invoicenya. Thank you very much --- TANGGAL 17 Maret 2017 --- HANDPHONE BLACPHONE 2 YANG TIDAK BERMASALAH TERNYATA RUSAK PADA TOUCHSCREEN NYA. SAYA KIRIM UNTUK KLAIM GARANSI. JADI YANG DIGARANSIKAN 2 UNIT. BERIKUT EMAIL SAYA KE RYAN = Dear Ryan, I want to take care of troubled blackphone 2 warranty within the warranty period. Complaints problem: 1. Touch screen bottom right corner does not work, just like the previous blackphone 2. 2. The charger connector can sometimes be used, sometimes error. 3. Sometimes in standby position can not live, must first charger can live. 4. Backcase back kracked. If the rear backcase charged for replacement please confirm in advance. Mobile blackphone 2 I have already submitted, purchase orders and delivery I include. Thank you very much. --- TANGGAL 10 Juni 2017 --- Dear Ryan, I just received a blackphone 2 mobile phone that was sent from hongkong with the number of receipts: ELID1 ELID2 But 1 piece blackphone 2 that replaced new turns touchscreenya also not working, and the screen is a little bluish on the right corner left. Mobile surrogate whether check first before sent? Because costumer I would be angry if happened like this. Please help me. Do i have the resend to jojo? The proof photos and video I attach. Thanks BALASAN EMAIL DARI RYAN = Hi Deddy, We have explained explicitly that Silent Circle doesn't have this model anymore, we don't have new replacement except the one we had previously for you. As for the problem phone, they don't fix it because it's damaged not related to the phone itself. I had explain clearly and you confirmed to ship those two back. hi Ryan, thanks for the response and the update. the customer really dont mind with the replacement (the phone with the blue screen), IF the only problem is JUST the blue screen. but now the replacement phone that u sent me also can not work properly. i sent u the video already (right bottom screen can not work). im sorry Ryan, i thought u checked the phone before you sent to me. now what am i gonna do with this phone? for other phone that can't be fixed its fine already, no need to worry about it. regards, deddy hi Ryan, thanks for the response and the update. the customer really dont mind with the replacement (the phone with the blue screen), IF the only problem is JUST the blue screen. but now the replacement phone that u sent me also can not work properly. i sent u the video already (right bottom screen can not work). im sorry Ryan, i thought u checked the phone before you sent to me. now what am i gonna do with this phone? for other phone that can't be fixed its fine already, no need to worry about it. regards, deddy --- TANGGAL 12 Juni 2017 --- Hi Deddy, But for that blue pixel, it was the item previously sent. As you discribed it was only blue pixel, it was confirmed by Joan and Us once it was back in HK. We haven't touched it ever since, so it's assumed it was the same condition we received it. But do let me review it first with my colleagues, because I think it's related to the shipping company problems as we've been having phone issues with them from our clients. We switched to a new one and it's seem to be much less. Thing is HK doesn't have this version anymore, and Silent Circle doesn't seem to be much help either but we'll try our best to solve this problem. I'm sorry for the issue. Regards, Ryan --- TANGGAL 13 JUNI 2017 --- hi Ryan, i sent the phone to Jakarta already. we are here so disappointed with the item, so decided send it back and have you guys solve the problem. This is No.e-Connote SUBAD617 the phone was bought on december, not long after buying something happened with the screen. i sent it back, took me 2 months before i got the replacement, then the touch screen again, the total time my customer use the phone is only like 1 month of using. all the time are spent just to claim the warranty. i hope you understand and please do something since it's still under 1 year warranty. if you dont have any solution may I suggest to refund my money.. again, thank you for responding. --- TANGGAL 8 Juli 2017 --- hey Ryan sorry u havent responded since the last email I sent you. Jojo already had the package, yet I still dont know how it ends like. please do enlight me. i hoped the previous phone u sent me would work, but turn out the replacement phone (the one with blue screen) is also not working. and what confuse me is, u said u dont have the model anymore, but how come in Indonesia's online store still selling the phone. if you really have no solution due to replacement unit, i would like to demand refund if possible. please do respond. regards, deddy Hi Deddy, Here's the following response. 1. I've already confirmed you that we're going ship the old blue pixel to you and we have confirmed it has ship with all checks. 2. We only conclude with a warranty card that it only covers first 7 days free exchange and one free fix. Shipping twice already covers both of the phones. We're only can keep trying our best to help as much we can. So please wait till we can find a replacement, also even we are able to find it the customs for mobile is closed. So I'm not sure how you see our products since are shops are temporary closed due to Indonesia customs closure. It's currently red light and we couldn't ship anything. JULI 2017 ryan, here are some screenshots of the blackphone that still available in online store. if you really still have stock, can u please proceed to exchange. this exchange phone is useless. but then as u said, that u will find replacement for me, mean i can only just wait then, but please dont be too long. AGUSTUS 2017 hi Ryan, hope everything went well.. sorry for disturbing u, may I know hows the update for my replacement. thanks. 2 AGUSTUS 2017 Hi Deddy, The Indonesia Customs are still closed, we couldn't ship anything into Indonesia. You can ask also, all air and sea freight for customs are closed until further notice. We're still waiting for new indications when it will be opened. hi Ryan, ah okay so if Indonesian Customs are open already, you will send a change for the phone right? Hi Deddy, We will replace it, but so far the customs has been closed for 6 weeks now... SEPTEMBER 2017 Hi Ryan, is there any information that customs clearance has been opened? Because I have bought mobile accessories from China and can go to Indonesia. SEPTEMBER 2017 Hi Deddy, If it's not battery items then it is indeed open slowly such as clothing a week ago, but other than a few categories that it's still closed. We kept asking both logisitics we use from time to time but to no avail. One of the logisitcis we are using is this company from Hong Kong to Indonesia. Perhaps you can ask them so we can proof its current status to you. Regards, Ryan OCTOBER 2017 Hello Ryan, Let me wait, thank you for helping me a lot. DESEMBER 2017 Hi Ryan, if hp blackphone 2 can not be sent via fedex expedition? because my customer asked when is hp hp blackphone 2 new to indonesia? Because since June until now still not finished. Thank you. DESEMBER 2017 Hi Deddy, I believe the customs has closed the electronics import section. We've tried to ask both logisitics and they still haven't have a time to ship yet. We can ship with DHL, Fedex but it's way too expensive and highly not suggested as I mentioned the electronics imports were closed in simple method, so your side will also bare the huge tax if shipped with those couriers and not guarantee to be delivered. Let me know your decision. Thanks, Ryan --- Hi thanks for the update. May I ask your help again can you please check if you can ship the item to Batam? Batam is a free trade zone, an island in Indonesia, a duty free zone. I have brother staying in Batam. DESEMBER 2017 Hi sorry for the inconvenience, I think it is better that the items are sent to Singapore, I have families living in Singapore who regularly comes to Indonesia, so the custom thingy is not gonna be problem anymore. I am as well hoping that the www.icommerceasia service is available in Singapore.8 DESEMBER 2017 Dear Deddy, I believe that will work, let me check with them accordingly and get back to you shortly. Thanks, Ryan 3 JANUARI 2018 Dear Ryan, Please keep me updated. Thank you very much. JANUARI 2018 Dear Ryan, Good morning. May we get the update about the progress of our last conversation? According to your previous email, i guess sending or picking up the item in singapore wont be a problem. Can you tell us the estimation date, when we can pick up the cellphone in singapore and also the location address? And also, do you mind if we check the cellphone directly when we pick it up in singapore, just to make sure that the cellphone is working perfect and we dont have to return it again for warranty. because, you know, flying from Indonesia to Singapore and back to Indonesia just to pick up the cellphone is gonna cost us plenty. And we really hope that the cellphone doesn’t have problem which will make us very disappointed. Hope to here from you soon. Regards, Deddy JANUARI 2018 Dear Ryan, I think the best option is to send the cellphone to Singapore via Singpost. But first let me make this thing clear, Is that Cellphone you are going to send is a brand new cellphone and working normally without problem in the touchscreen? Have you make sure of it? If there is clear, then i will give you the address in Singapore, so you can ship the cellphone there. Thank You Regards.6 JANUARI 2018 As you see in the capture screen, Ryan refer me to ask a refund from you, as you are the one incharge in add2trolley. Without further do, i have a question for you to answer : When you going to refund it, and how you going to send the refund? should i give you my paypal account? hope to hear from you soon. thanks and regards, Deddy FEBUARI 2018 KENLEE MEMBALAS Hello Daddy, Thank you for your patience, as per Ryan's reply we are facing the logistic issue due to the custom was blocked all the in port good to Indonesia. we have no way to send back the items to you. unfortunately, we have to abandon the business in Indonesia. At this point, refund is not an option to us. We hope you can understand. If you can arrange a corier to pick up the items from our side would be more easy to in port back to Indonesia. otherwise please be patient to wait until the custom reopen. CHAT FROM ME = BUT RYAN SAID REFUND IS POSSIBLE. DONT YOU READ HIS CHAT? 6 FEBUARI 2018 hi ryan/ken lee/zenith, Good afternoon, just routine follow up. How is the progress of our last agreement? FEBUARI 2018 Dear Ryan Leung, Ken Lee, and Zenith, I've tried to contact you via Email, Whatsapp, We Chat, and Instagram Message, asking about the clarity of the damage warranty issue on the blackphone cellphone. I've been trying to be patient all these years, but what you're doing is as if you're trying to avoid being responsible and delay providing solutions as soon as possible. You need to know that I have done a refund directly to my customers who bought the damaged Blackphone cellphone, as a form of my responsibility. And I use my personal money to pay for the refund. For me the good name is more valuable than gold. I understand that in china now celebrating Chinese New Year and maybe you are celebrating with family. You need to know, I am also a descendant of the Chinese nation, and I understand this. So, I will give you a deadline for resolving this refund issue until 28 February 2018. this is the maximum limit of my patience. If until the 28th of feb 2018 I did not get a solution to this refund issue, then you all should know that I will immediately enter the case into the realm of the mass media. Your name and your company name and the name of all your early start-ups will be Notorious in the mass media and also in the social media. You will definitely regret it. I am well prepared for the worst possible. and I promise you to it. You know where to contact me, Deddy BALASAN DARI RYAN LEUNG Hi Deddy, Here's the thing. I'm sending you this message on private as you can see. Joan and I are no longer part of the company in full work, only support, yet you keep calling me and blasting me on issues that they couldn't solve. I've told you before the closure of the customs that we won't able to ship it back on time, and check the news of your government, all the products are not able to ship to Indonesia. We've rather have you fix it on your side and we pay the bill, you didn't listen and forced the item to Joan telling her to ship it to us. I would give you a free phone myself if the Indonesia government was still running the business while I'm still in Add2Trolley, but it's no longer the case. Now feel free to say that I'm part of the company and notorious and all the things you would like to say, even you give the guys a deadline, they wouldn't affect them much and they will most likely not reply you because: 1. Add2Trolley is not in the e-commerce products selling sector anymore, they help manage websites. 2. The websites are in China, meaning no matter how much you blast the guy's clients will not notice and hit a dent. 3. I've tried notifying them, but like I said I'm in China I couldn't follow up on the things meaning I do not have time to read the emails between the parties between you two. Regards, Ryan --- Ryan Leung T: -8935 E: ADD2TROLLEY LIMITED RM 5D08, 5/F, King Yip Factory Building, No.59 King Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong JADI KESIMPULAN NYA = 1. MEREKA HANYA MENGULUR WAKTU HINGGA GARANSI HABIS, padahal hp hanya digunakan 1 bulan sisanya 11 bulan bolak balik klaim karena HP yg baru rusak padahal belum dipakai lama. 2. RYAN LEUNG menjanjikan mengirimkan hp yang baru dengan mengulur waktu dengan alasan tipe hp tersebut tidak ada. Karena sudah lama, Ryan menjanjikan akan refund uang dan memberikan kontak KEN LEE kepada saya untuk mengklaim refund tersebut. 3. KEN LEE tidak mau mengembalikan pembayaran / refund uang dan TIDAK MENGGANTI HP DENGAN YG BARU. Hanya bersedia mengembalikan hp lama yg rusak. Hingga sekarang tidak ada penyelesaian dan Saya masih menunggu itikad baik dari pihak add2trolley yg terlibat (RYAN LEUNG, KEN LEE, ZENITH CHUNG, JOJO dll) 4. RYAN LEUNG tiba2 mengemail bahwa APAPUN YANG USAHA SAYA MENGEKSPOSE MASALAH INI KE MEDIA APAPUN TIDAK AKAN ADA HASILNYA DAN SAYA DI SURUH MENERIMA NASIB / TAKDIR BAHWA SAYA TIDAK AKAN MENERIMA PENGGANTIAN APAPUN ITU. SAYA BERHARAP TIDAK ADA LAGI PIHAK PIHAK YANG SEPERTI SAYA YANG SANGAT DI RUGIKAN DALAM HAL MATERI MAUPUN WAKTU. SAYA MENUNGGU ITIKAD BAIK DARI RYAN LEUNG, KEN LEE, ZENITH CHUNG, JOJO ADD2TROLLEY. TERIMA KASIH
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